• Heal your core & pelvic floor post pregnancy
  • Get shredded from home with no equipment 
  • ​Enjoy a meal plan with calculated macros
  • ​Over 55 holistic & superfood recipes
  • ​1-on-1 training for extra support​
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Strong Core & Pelvic Floor

  • Heal core post pregnancy first before diving into workouts
  • ​Step by step guide with video tutorials for diastasis recti recovery
  • Pelvic floor strengthening exercises with follow along video
  • ​Start as early as 2 weeks postpartum (Get clearance from your doctor first)
  • Get rid of mummy tummy even years after pregnancy
  • Advanced ab workouts for building 6-pack abs once diastasis is healed
  • Free access to program updates for life!


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Postpartum Home Shred

(Complete Program)

  • ​Get back in shape post pregnancy from home (or gym)
  • ​Lose 15% or more in body fat and tone up 
  • Over 100 workouts with video tutorials 
  • ​Do it at your own paste (Intensely for as short as 8 weeks or take it slow and do it for the whole year)
  • Meal plan especially designed for postpartum mamas to promote lactation while helping with weight loss
  • Complete recipe book with over 55 holistic superfood recipes
  • Calculated macros and option to customized the calories according to your needs  
  • ​Beginner and advanced workout options
  • ​Do it from home with no equipment or take it to the gym and use weights 
  • Guide to advance the workouts to avoid hitting a plateau

$196.00$158.00  ($38.00 Saving)

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Postpartum Home Shred

(Training Program Only)

  • Ideal for those with special dietary needs who want to follow their own meal plan.
  • ​Over 100 workouts with video tutorials 
  • ​Lose 15% or more in body fat and tone up
  • ​Do it at your own paste (Intensely for as short as 8 weeks or take it slow and do it for the whole year)
  • Beginner and advanced workout options
  • Do it from home with no equipment or take it to the gym and use weights
  • ​Guide to advance the workouts to avoid hitting a plateau


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Postpartum Home Shred 

(Meal Plan & Recipe Book)

  • Ideal for those who are starting the "Strong Core & Pelvic Floor" Program
  • ​Ideal for those who are not ready to jump into workouts yet but want to start eating a macro based diet to lose weight naturally 
  • ​Complete meal plan with calculated macros 
  • ​Guide to customize the calories and macros according to your own caloric needs and goals
  • Holistic recipe book with over 55 easy and delicious recipes
  • ​Recipes include breakfast, lunch, dinner, protein shakes, smoothies, snacks and deserts
  • ​Recipes are perfect to make for the whole family 
  • ​Each recipe has a calculated macro for burning fat and building muscle 
  • ​Recipes contain super foods, rainbow fruits & vegetables, gluten free whole grains, lean protein and legumes
  • ​Each recipe was diligently designed to deliver nutrients while ​ boosting immune system and supporting weight loss
  • Great for nursing moms (Ingredients to promote lactation)
  • Mostly Carnivore recipes with some vegan options 
  • ​​ Gluten free desert recipes with natural sweeteners


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1-On-1 Coaching

  • Customized meal and workout plan according to your goals
  • Initial assessment through zoom
  • ​12 weeks of live coaching in the WRKOUT platform
  • ​New workouts and meal plan every 4 weeks
  • ​Weekly check-ins and accountability
  • ​Receive the ultimate snacker book for free ($36.00 value) ​
  • ​Limited space, only small number of clients accepted per quarter

By Application Only


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The ultimate Snacker Recipe Book

  • If you like snacking or have sweet tooth this is perfect for you
  • ​​​Satisfies your craving without sabotaging your fitness progress
  • ​Guilt free deserts helping you stay shredded!
  • ​Both sweet and savoury recipes 
  • ​Sugar free, gluten free, paleo and vegan options
  • ​Clean, healthy and delicious
  • It taste soo good you wont believe it's healthy!!
  • ​Tested and approved by my foodie hubby!


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